What do you get?

                            Ready meals for the menu

10,000 ready meals

To save your time, our specialists create balanced meals that you can enjoy without restrictions. It will allow you to prepare nutrition plans for patients faster than ever. We will enable you to instantly generate fully personalized menus in accordance with a wide range of calorie goals, preferences and dietary restrictions.

                    Ready products

900 ready-made products

You get full access to a rich product pool based on the nutrition table database for food products and dishes run by the Institute of Food and Nutrition..

                    Allergens on the meal plan

270 allergens

All products from which the dishes are made have been marked for the presence of allergens. It is not possible for the menu to include products that your patients may be allergic or intolerant to.

                    Allergens on the meal plan

Patient's medical report

Information about patients is presented in a clear and modern way, with the possibility of recording diagnosed conditions and coexisting ailments, food intolerance and allergies, family-related genetic burdens, laboratory results, medications used, dietary supplements and culinary tastes. The report is supplemented with calculators that will spare you work, allowing you to devote more attention to your current patients or gain time to acquire new ones.

                    Shopping list for the meal plan

Shopping list

An automatically created shopping list is a veritable must-have for every satisfied patient. You do not have to count manually how much you need to buy — we will count everything for you, and the patient will appreciate the convenience that comes with the menu.

                    Share meal plan

Sharing a meal plan

You can easily share the menu at any time. Your patients gain access to the full menu, which allows them to view it on any device, wherever they are.

                    Individual meal plan

Personalized patient menus

Thanks to the rich food and product database, the program automatically generates balanced menus, taking into account the demand for nutritional standards. It also allows you to remove unwanted dishes and replacing them with others.

                    Food interview

Nutritional interview

An easy-to-use nutritional interview will help you gather the necessary information about your 24-hour diet and enter your eating habits.

                    Kitchen and home measures

Kitchen and home measures

The patient does not need to have special kitchen scales to prepare meals. Our program is based on basic home measurements.

                    Food Browser

Search engine for dishes and products

A quick search for dishes and products using tags will make it easier to find a specific meal that is tailored to a given disease, food intolerance, time of day, preparation method or patient's preferences.