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Opinions about the Diet Planner sent by Customers.


First of all, I save time, and thanks to this the quality of my work has significantly improved. It wasn't just me who noticed it, but mostly my patients, for whom I have more time now. That's why, in my opinion, the Diet Planner is by far the best diet software I've ever used. It saved me many hours of paperwork and is very easy to use! I recommend it to anyone working in the field of nutrition.

mgr Piotr Lewandowski


The Diet Planner is an innovative diet program that puts an emphasis on minimizing the time that needs to be spent on arranging and balancing a diet, and maximizing the time devoted to patients in order to build a relationship based on trust. For me, as a student of dietetics, the advantage is the fact that the app is free – all I had to do was send a scan of my valid ID to use the program and test its functionality at will.

Paulina Pałka


As a coach who understands the importance of following a diet in relation to results, I was looking for automatic menu preparation software for my clients to provide high quality menus. Thanks to the ease of use and the possibility of adapting a diet to individual client needs, I am positively surprised by the operation of the Diet Planner program and I consider it ground-breaking.

Dawid Borowski


mgr Magdalena Walentynowicz